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CBA 40/41 Worst case scenario

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ISBN 9789187825149
124 sidor / 124 pages. A4-format

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CBA is an international comics anthology for experimental storytelling. The theme of this volume is Worst Case Scenario: What’s the worst that could happen? And if that happens, what’s the worst that could happen? And if that happens, what’s the worst that could happen? And so on…There’s a psychiatric method in cognitive behavioral therapy called “The Downward Arrow Technique” where you begin by writing down the answers to this repeated question and we thought it’d be the perfect theme for our upcoming CBA vol 40. Especially since this is an election year in Sweden. Especially since war and famine and climate change and personal disasters are on the horizon. So how bad can it get?

I participate in this anthology with the comic ”Joshua knocks on wood”. It’s a fictional comic based on my own experiences with OCD.

I’m in good company with the following creators: Martin Böer, Henrik Rogowski, Oskar Aspman, Katharina Vittenlind, Aiden Kvarnström, Lina Lefevre, Nicolas Krizan, António José Lopes, Anna Krzton, Manuel Rodriguez, Leviathan, Mattias Elftorp, Madhav Nair, Vladimir Palibrk, Raquel Lozano, Merima Dizdarevic, Jonatan Elftorp

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